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Editing Encyclopedias and Other Dangerous Jobs: Why Open Collaboration requires a Privacy-Friendly Internet

With Andrea Forte, Associate Professor, College of Computing and Informatics, Drexel University. Digital life is rife with opportunity. In this talk, Forte...

2/22 2pm
A Computer Architecture Inspired by Neuroscience, with Suggestions for the Design of a Conscious AI

With Manuel Blum, Bruce Nelson University Professor of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University. Thanks to major advances in neuroscience, we are on the...

2/23 11am
A Socio-Technical Approach to Refugee Education: Connected Networks and ICTs in Kenyan Refugee Camps

With Negin Dahya, Assistant Professor, The Information School, University of Washington.

2/23 2pm
Variable Selection in Non-linear Regression Models: A Parsimony-utility Approach

With Robert McCulloch, Professor of Statistics, Arizona State University. Over the last several years, dramatic advances in Bayesian modeling and computation...

3/1 4pm
Bayesian Inference for Multiple Graphs

With Marina Vannucci, Noah Harding Professor and Chair of Statistics, Rice University. Vannucci is an elected Member of the International Statistical...

3/8 4pm

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