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Neyman-Pearson Classification

The Statistics Seminar Series is proud to present Xin Tong, Assistant Professor, Department of Data Sciences and Operations, USC. This talk introduces the...

4/25 4pm
There at the Beginning: The Olsons Tell the Story of HCI and CSCW from Their Own Experiences

The Informatics Seminar Series is proud to present Judy and Gary Olson, Bren Professors of Information and Computer Sciences Emerita/Emeritus, Department of...

4/26 2pm
Seeing Like a Supply Chain

The Informatics Seminar Series is proud to present Miriam Posner, Assistant Professor, School of Information, UC Los Angeles. This presentation looks closely...

5/3 2pm
IoT Security & Privacy Conference​ and Research Symposium

The UC Irvine Cybersecurity Policy & Research Institute (CPRI) is a unique, multidisciplinary effort, bringing together academia, a broad range of critical...

5/14 8:30am
Designing and Envisioning Digital Tools for Low-resource Job Seekers

The Informatics Seminar Series is proud to present Tawanna Dillahun, Assistant Professor, School of Information, University of Michigan. In this...

5/17 2pm

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Ryan Dong

Ryan Dong left a negative review 11/1/2018

Does google actually build a dynamo system for the AdWards. Didn't amazon publish a research papar called dynamodb that is database related, and dynamo is their internal system that runs dynamodb.

There is nothing important in this talk other than super fking simple concept of a distributed system that you can basically find from any popular paper describing distributed database. WTF is this

Yongtai Chen

Yongtai Chen left a positive review 9/16/2018

There were so many things to learn in this symposium, and the contents were of high value, I appreciated the knowledge and speakers very much.

Donald Bren Hall

Donald Bren Hall posted a photo 3/14/2016