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Fast Foveating Cameras

The IVECG Seminar Series is proud to present Sanjeev Koppal, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of...

2/26 2pm
Turning Social Computing Research into Products

The Informatics Seminar Series is proud to present Andres Monroy-Hernández, Lead Research Scientist, Snap Inc. In this talk, Mr. Monroy-Hernández will...

3/1 2pm
UCI Research Support Fair

The Office of Research (OR) is excited to announce a new series of Research Support Fairs. Our office along with our partner research support offices will...

3/6 12:45pm
Participatory Design for Inclusion and Empowerment

The Informatics Seminar Series present Foad Hamidi, Research Assistant Professor, University of Maryland, Baltimore County. In this talk, Professor Hamidi...

3/8 2pm
Marrying Humanities with the Empirical to Learn from and Design for Subcultures

The Informatics Seminar Series is proud to present Norman Makoto Su, Assistant Professor of Informatics, Indiana University Bloomington.

3/15 2pm

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Ryan Dong

Ryan Dong left a negative review 11/1/2018

Does google actually build a dynamo system for the AdWards. Didn't amazon publish a research papar called dynamodb that is database related, and dynamo is their internal system that runs dynamodb.

There is nothing important in this talk other than super fking simple concept of a distributed system that you can basically find from any popular paper describing distributed database. WTF is this

Yongtai Chen

Yongtai Chen left a positive review 9/16/2018

There were so many things to learn in this symposium, and the contents were of high value, I appreciated the knowledge and speakers very much.

Donald Bren Hall

Donald Bren Hall posted a photo 3/14/2016