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Student Affairs is dedicated to enriching the student experience from outreach and orientation through graduation by providing comprehensive programs, services, and opportunities for students to

  • Complement and enhance their academic success
  • Prepare for leadership in a global society
  • Develop and strengthen personal, social, and professional skills
  • Support their physical and mental health and wellness

Student Affairs serves to support the University of California’s mission of teaching, research, and public service, and to enhance the quality of student life, leadership and character excellence.

Upcoming Events

[Image description: Close-up of a body of blue water with ripples. Above the water is the sky. The top of the sky is light blue, fading to a soft pink as it meets the water. Two logos for the sponsoring organizations are at the top of the image. Logos read: “UCI CARE and Human Options.” Below the two logos is centered white text. Text reads: “staff and faculty lunch and learn.” Below the text is a white rectangular shape with rounded corners. On the right side of the white box is a magnifying glass icon. Text in the box reads: “what does domestic violence look like?” Below this is smaller, bolded white text that describes the event. Text reads: “as we observe dating and domestic violence awareness month throughout October, join CARE and domestic violence agency Human Options as we explore what violence and abuse looks like and how we can support those in abusive situations.” Below this, the text for the date and time are surrounded by a thin white rectangle. Text reads: “October 7th at 12:00PM.” Below the rectangle is bolded white text. Text reads” register at”]

As we observe Dating and Domestic Violence Awareness Month throughout October, join CARE and domestic violence agency Human Options as we explore what...

10/7 1pm
UCI CARE - How to Speak Your Language of Sex, Love, and Play with Ignacio G. Rivera

This program is a mixture of 30 minutes of lecture and group activities around consent, negotiation with a partner. Ignacio's human sexuality model,...

10/20 4pm

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