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The School of Humanities prepares students to be global citizens equipped with the tools of analysis, expression and cultural understanding required for leadership in today's world.

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Geoff Dyer, Public Reading and Book Signing

Geoff Dyer is the author of four novels and numerous non-fiction books, which have won many literary awards and been translated into 24 languages. His books...

1/22/2020 6pm
Macbeth: A Lecture Demonstration by Tang Shu-Wing Theatre Studio, Hong Kong

In 2012, Tang Shu-Wing Theatre Studio was invited to present their landmark production of Macbeth at London’s Globe to Globe Shakespeare Festival, at the...

2/4/2020 6pm
Letters from Home

A multimedia solo performance that is a collaboration between Cambodian-American actress Kalean Ung, her father, celebrated Cambodian composer Chinary Ung,...

2/13/2020 5pm
Helen Zia, author of “Last Boat Out of Shanghai”

Public reading and book signing. Helen Zia is an award-winning author, journalist, and activist. Her most recent book, Last Boat Out of Shanghai, explores...

2/19/2020 5:30pm
A Public Conversation with Nigel Poor

The podcast is a partnership between Nigel Poor, a Bay Area visual artist and Earlonne Woods, formerly incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison, and was...

5/7/2020 9:30am

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