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Graduate Division

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The UCI Graduate Division provides leadership on all graduate education matters, working with scholars from all over the world to engage in study, teaching, and research in the pursuit of a master's or Ph.D. degree or of postdoctoral training. 

Upcoming Events

Resume Writing

Take your resume to the next level. Learn how to tailor your content to the job description so employers see how your skills and experience suit their needs....

5/1 12pm
Are You LinkedIn?

Learn how to effectively use LinkedIn to build your online profile and network. Part of the challenge of networking is finding the right people and making...

5/10 2pm
Spring Up

Spring is in the air! Touching on every aspect of your experience: health, professional development, and balance, this day is about total wellness-- with a...

5/11 9am
Interviewing Techniques & Practice

The key to interview success is preparation and practice. It's not necessarily the most qualified who gets the job, but the person who knows how to make a...

5/15 12pm
Mini Dissertation Boot Camp

This boot camp provides dedicated times to write in a distraction-free environment and promotes the development of health writing habits. Partcipants set...

5/16 9am

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