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The UCI Graduate Division provides leadership on all graduate education matters, working with scholars from all over the world to engage in study, teaching, and research in the pursuit of a master's or Ph.D. degree or of postdoctoral training. 

Upcoming Events

Start Smart: Salary Negotiation Training

Start Smart is an interactive workshop designed to give you the confidence and skills needed to earn fair compensation. This workshop provides benchmarks for...

10/26 3pm
Writing a CV                    

This workshop explains the purpose, format, and content of the Curriculum Vitae. Learn how to create and critique your academic CV and how to tailor your CV...

11/1 1pm
Mini Dissertation Boot Camp

This session provides dedicated times to write in a distraction-free environment and promotes the development of healthy writing habits. Participants set...

11/3 9am
Presentation Refresher Boot Camp

Brush off the cobwebs and get reacquainted with effective PowerPoint presentation techniques. Be prepared to practice a few slides of your presentation and...

11/6 5pm
Preparing for the Academic Interview

Learn about the various types of positions available, where to look for positions, and get an overview of the entire academic job search process. This...

11/14 12pm

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