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Monday, December 4

Drawn from a Score

Drawn from a Score features artists who produce art from a score, ranging from “event scores” - developed by John Cage and others in the late 1950s - to the...

Master of Public Policy Information Session

This information session will provide prospective students with important information about the program, curriculum and how to apply. There will also be time...

Preparing for Surgery – Mind, Body and Spirit

This class will help you increase your understanding of anesthesia and surgery and learn relaxation techniques to promote wellness. Registration required.

Pizza Pop Party

Join us for pizza and pop -- and conversations on China. Get to know today's China past what you might find on MSNBC, Twitter, Washington Post, or another...

Body Scan Relaxation

Experience the technique of Body Scan and learn to continue the practice at home. It’s easy to learn through a guided visualization, and it can improve...

Monday, December 4