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The Weight of History in Fiction and Non-Fiction: A Conversation

With authors Aline Ohanesian and Dawn MacKeen, moderated by Professor and Chair of Comparative Literature Nasrin Rahimieh.

2/28 6pm
Search for Meaning: Return of Religion and Spirituality in China

Religion and spirituality are tellingly enmeshed in today's China, as displayed in Ian Johnson's The Souls of China: The Return of Religion After Mao. Until...

3/20 3pm

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Jiarui Tao

Jiarui Tao left a positive review 2/7/2017

At the front desk I was informed of the planning of the series. What does it mean and how to get involved?

Armando Garcia

Armando Garcia left a positive review 11/8/2016

Ana was amazing, inspiring and encouraging. I would encourage the department to bring her back and provide her with more resources and funding.

Humanities Gateway

Humanities Gateway posted a photo 3/14/2016