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UCI's School of Social Sciences has achieved national prominence and top rankings for its outside-the-box methodological and theoretical advances.

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Inference on Breakdown Frontiers

With Alexandre Poirier, economics assistant professor, University of Iowa.

2/27 3:30pm
The Origins of Genocide: Cross- National Evidence from Sub- Saharan Africa

What drives genocide? Despite new research on the origins of genocide, existing theory tends to over predict the phenomenon. This presentation develops an...

2/28 2pm
On Structure Theories for P(w1): An Argument for Forcing Axioms

In this talk, Jeff Schatz, logic and philosophy of science graduate student will present both Todorcevic’s argument for forcing axioms as well as Koellner’s...

3/1 10am
Trump’s First 100 Days

Can President Trump’s business experience translate to a successful presidency? UCI political scientists discuss the challenges faced by the nation’s new...

3/1 6pm
Minding Genomics, Caring for Data: How All That’s Genetic Melds Into Air

This presentation uses developments in asthma research to elaborate practices of “care” among genomic scientists today. With Mike Fortun, science and...

3/2 3:30pm

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