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UCI's School of Social Sciences has achieved national prominence and top rankings for its outside-the-box methodological and theoretical advances.

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A New Science of Mind Based on Symmetry

Symmetry is ubiquitous in Nature: the bodies of animals are symmetrical, plants are symmetrical and man-made objects are at least partially symmetrical, too....

10/5 4:30pm
Models of (Animal) Communication

With Joshua Armstrong, UCLA. In this talk, Armstrong discusses recent work related to questions concerning the form of our models of communication between...

10/20 3pm
Instrumental Divergence and Goal-Directed Choice

In this talk, Mimi Liljeholm will present behavioral and neural data suggesting that instrumental divergence – the distance between outcome probability...

12/1 3pm
Membership Has Its Privileges: Status Incentives and Categorical Inequality in Education

With Andrew Penner, sociology associate professor.

5/10/5016 12:30pm

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