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Friday, December 1

Drawn from a Score

Drawn from a Score features artists who produce art from a score, ranging from “event scores” - developed by John Cage and others in the late 1950s - to the...

Aztlán to Magulandia: The Journey of Chicano Artist Gilbert "Magu" Luján

UC Irvine’s University Art Galleries (UAG) will present the first survey of one of the most iconic figures of the Chicano art movement, Gilbert “Magu” Luján...

Schmitt, You and Me by Omar Mismar

Mismar’s latest video installation, Schmitt, You and Me, frames an exchange the artist has in Skowhegan with a pair of gun shop owners. The exchange is that...

Pattern Spaces for Sound

With Josh Berson, Visiting Researcher, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences.

Instrumental Divergence and Goal-Directed Choice

In this talk, Mimi Liljeholm will present behavioral and neural data suggesting that instrumental divergence – the distance between outcome probability...

MenAlive: Santa and Son

It's a merry adventure as Orphan Jack sets off on Christmas Eve to find his father. Who could it be? And is that why he and his friends travel all the way to...

Friday, December 1